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Build heirloom furniture with virgin growth timber now available after being entombed in North American waterways for centuries. Forest Reflections can help you achieve the environment you strive create, live, or work in.

Blackened Oak Flamed Birch St. Lawrence Oak

Blackened Oak

Forest Reflections’ Blackened Oak is retrieved from slow moving rivers in warmer waters, and has been stationary in river mud for a long time. The wood picks up the minerals from the adjacent mud over time, resulting in color changes (Blackened)

Flamed Birch

Forest Reflections’ Flamed Birch is recovered in deeper, colder lake water. Many of these logs are retrieved from the same area – with top logs laying on other logs, not the bottom, where it is more rocky. This results in a veneer with low color-characteristic changes.

St. Lawrence Oak

Forest Reflections’ St. Lawrence oak is retrieved from a faster moving river, whcih has a less muddy and rockier bottom. The logs continue to slowly move “down river” and are less likely to pick up any adjacent minerals resulting in the veneer appearance.