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Hundreds of years ago, lumberjacks from France and England were dispatched to the forests of North America's Great Lakes. Their mission:  .....read the story

Floating logs in Lake Superior
Unique Wood

Forest Reflections combines individual craftsmanship with vintage beauty from the past that will allow you to create something no one has, but everyone will want.  .....read more

Unique Wood

A Brief History of Old Growth Forests

Underwater loggers hoist prize to deckSome of the timber recovered can be traced back to humble beginnings almost a thousand years ago. These timbers began life as tiny seedlings long before humans conquered the natural world with machinery, high speed travel and massive population growth. These trees took shape as William of Normandy was conquering England and Genghis Khan invaded China and went on to build the largest empire in history. They grew larger still as the bubonic plague decimated Europe and Columbus reached the new world. Their later years saw the first English colony of Jamestown established i North America, the Declaration of Independence and the battle of Waterloo. Their centuries long lifespan coincided with many of recorded history's most significant events.

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